Saturday, October 30, 2010

I do love my candy

Sorry about being lazy about my blog. It seems that when the most exciting stuff in my life happens I neglect to write about it. But as in the words of some general authority that I should but can't remember 'you should constantly strive to be better the next day.' So I will strive to be a better writer.
A lot has happened since my last post. I am now attending SLCC taking an Art history class (Which is fantastic and has motivated me to do a world tour when I marry a ridiculously rich man some far off day in the future), a French class (c'est magnifique), and a geology class (which is moderately boring except when my teacher brings his doll to class and then it is mildly creepy). Overall I'm loving school. I love to learn and meet the new people. It is a very different environment than BYU. I think I saw more tattoos on one girl than I saw my whole two years at BYU. Apparently they aren't that painful to get...
I also met a boy. My friend Heather lined me up with her husbands cousin, Garren. A cowboy, airplane mechanic from Bluffdale. Cool, huh? :)I dated him for a little over two months. We just clicked which was weird because I haven't really had a connection with a guy since high school. He has a motorcycle, which terrified my parents and a Corvette, which he restored by himself. He is also a decent pool player although I did beat him once (only cause he accidentally hit the 8 ball into the pocket too soon). Right now we are just friends, though, cause I have my mission. So if it is meant to work out it will.
On to some more exciting stuff my mission papers get turned in by my stake president tomorrow! Woot! I can't believe how fast it has come. So I should get my call in about two to three weeks! :) I will definitely write about where I go and who knows maybe I'll be lucky enough to go to Boise, Idaho. :) I hope that I will be able to lose some of my pride so that I can be a useful missionary in the Lord's hands. So so excited.
That's about it for my updates. Work is still wonderful, it is a little hard because a lot of old people have passed away recently. I guess it has something to do with winter. Darn these cold months. We had some little kids come trick or treating at the facility and one of the ladies refused to give them any candy preferring to eat it herself. We tried to convince her that the candy was for the little kids, but she just didn't agree. I can imagine myself doing that when I'm old, I do like my candy. :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

He Never, Ever Forgets You

Working in a nursing home I sometimes become quite frustrated with the Lord. I see these wonderful people who have to not only experience the disease of Alzheimer's, but have to endure it, sometimes for years. Some of the residents are in their 90s! I find it hard sometimes to understand why the Lord doesn't just take them home with him so they don't have to live with the adverse affects of old age and Alzheimer's. It seems almost as if he has forgotten them as so many families forget their parents and just ship them off to a home because it takes too much work to care for them. Today, though, I received a different view which has not answered my questions, but instead helped me live with them unanswered.
A lady at the nursing home who we'll call Ida has been a resident there for years. She is very sweet, but as of late has become so confused that she often wakes up at night thinking it is day and sleeps during the day. She also thinks about every other day is Sunday so she is constantly getting dressed up and bringing her scriptures to breakfast. She has become more combative as her illness has progressed because she can't understand why others have a hard time understanding her. Despite these things she is sweet and chipper and has a wonderful smile and spirit. I love her very much and it is hard to see her try to endure the confusion and age.
Today she went for a walk with her daughter, something that is quite usual and I didn't expect to see her for a while, when suddenly the locked doors swung open as her daughter was trying to help her into the facility. At first I was afraid that Ida had fallen because she was stumbling and weak. She hadn't, but she her legs had given out as they were walking. "I don't know how I made it back here!" she exclaimed as we helped her into a recliner. Her daughter went off to talk to a nurse as Ida rested in her chair. I noticed a few minutes later that Ida was crying. Worried that she was upset at her body for giving out on her I knelt in front of her chair and asked if there was anything I could do and if she was OK. She nodded as her shoulders continued to shake and said simply, "I just received a blessing from the Lord, he helped me." I sat there for a minute a little surprised, but touched by how much faith and trust she had in God. A little after that I saw her with her eyes closed muttering and when I got closer I realized she was praying. So at that moment when she could be cursing her fate of being alive so long that her body was failing she was actually thanking the Lord, enduring, and having the faith to continue on.
So although I don't know why some of these residents have to endure the disease of Alzheimer's so long I do know one thing and that is that the Lord never, ever forgets them or us. He remembered a sweet old lady that had a moment of weakness and could have been helped back inside if she fell, but he stepped in when she needed him most. He was right beside her because of the love He has for her. Even when it feels like you're all alone he never forgets you it's just life and life is hard, but the Lord is there waiting to help us if we have the faith.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

One Request

To anyone who reads my blog I have one request: Please pray for my cousin this week. Parker is a sweet little boy of three years old who (despite everything) is always smiling:). About two years ago he was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. This puts lots of pressure on the heart and lungs making life and growth difficult. It was predicted that he wouldn't live for very long, but defying the odds he has made it. This week, though, he is going in for a heart catheterization. This is where they put a tube in his heart to test the pressure it is experiencing. This helps with diagnosis as well as treatment. The first time he went through this procedure we almost lost him. It was terrifying to say the least. The second time was easier and we are praying it will again go smoothly this week. So please pray for a smooth procedure for my sweet little cousin. Thanks so much!
Also on a side note I did end up texting Dan. We had a pretty good conversation and he said he would look me up on facebook. To say the least I haven't heard from him since that conversation, but oh well I found I was brave enough to chase a piece of fate, right?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Fate and Filipino Food

"Hey McKayla this is Dan from (garbled) and I was wondering if you weren't doing anything tomorrow night and if I could come over and make you Filipino food."
This was the message I received last Friday night and the first thought that passed through my head after "mmmm Filipino food", was "who is Dan?"
I repeated the message assuming that I had simply misunderstood the name, but it was Dan and I had no idea who he was. So being the assertive individual that I am I called him the next morning. Our conversation went like this.
"Hey this is McKayla I got your message."
"Hey how are you?"
"I'm good, but ummm I'm not exactly sure who you are."
"This is Dan Funk"
"From school...."
"I still am not sure who you are, sorry"
"Do you go to the Y?"
"Are you going to the Philippines on your mission"
"Ummm not that I'm aware of"
"Oh....I don't know how I got your number. Well are you here in Provo?"
" No I'm actually home with my family"
Awkward pause
" was nice to meet you."
"you too, talk to ya soon."
So pretty random conversation. After hearing his last name, though, I realized I had at least heard of him so I decided to facebook stalk him to see if I knew his face. While doing that I remembered where I'd heard it. My friend Alli Evenson had sent me a message a while back asking if I knew Dan Funk, but I hadn't. He had talked to her about a girl named McKayla that went to BYU and that he wanted to take on a date, but didn't have her number and such. Alli thought he was talking about me so she gave him my number. He never called so I'm assuming he found the right McKayla and just mixed up our numbers when he was trying to call her.
At this point in my realization I had found him on facebook and low and behold I do know him. It turns out he was the really attractive guy in my physiology class last fall that caught me staring at him. Small world, huh? My sister and mom had followed me on this realization and after saying I did know him my mom declared that it must be fate for us to meet and said I should text him and say I did know him. What do I say though? "Hey Dan so in a weird coincidence I do know you. We had physiology together and are both friends with Alli and ya my mom thinks it's fate we meet. What do you think? Do you still want to serve me Filipino food? I love food. Well basically anything edible I love...."
So ya I didn't text or call him, but I'm curious. What do you think? Do you think I should let him know about his fate? I'm not sure I buy the whole fate scenario, but hey I could get free Filipino food.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"The Best is Yet to Be"

I've given up on trying to predict how my life will turn out. Planning seems silly unless it is pretty general like planning to get dressed in the morning or go to work. Just when I think my course is set the road takes a sharp turn, hits a dead end, or I fall into a black hole that transports me to another universe.
I have recently been given one of the most amazing callings ever that will not only change my life for the next year, but possibly my plans after that. Drum roll please.....I am now the young womens secretary. :D woot! I am so so excited, but also pretty nervous. I loved young womens especially girls camp. In this past sacrament meeting I listened to some of the girls talk and I was blown away with insecurites because these girls are so amazing. They have such a depth of spiritual knowledge that I can't fathom how there is anything that I could teach them. So I've come to the realization that I've been put back in young womens so they can teach me the things I missed and I'm more than happy to learn. :) Plus I get to go to camp.
So the reason it has affected my life so much is because I have decided to stay home and work instead of returning to BYU in the fall. I want to dedicate myself to my new calling as well as begin to save money for my mission in March. I can put my papers in by October so I should be able to leave by the end of March. Another scary thing, but exciting and life changing :) So ya it is basically a 180 degree turn from how I was expecting life to go. I am way excited and humbled that the Lord trusts me to help out in the young womens organization. Did I mention I also get to go to camp? :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Advice From My Elders

Those who have lived for more than three decades often have a treasure box full of advice. As a CNA I work with individuals that have lived at least eight decades, so that is like three full boxes! I work in the memory care clinic and often have the opportunity of being the recipient of the little pieces of advice they want to give. Alzheimer's mixed with medications for the aches and pains of getting old sometimes make these good intentioned gifts of advice very interesting. A few examples I have received over the past two weeks are as follows:

1) I should get married - practical and understandable
2) I should marry the 92 year-old man- not my first choice, but it was a sweet proposal
3) I should shave, preferably my chin area- I'm a little worried about this one.
4) I should become a hair dresser because I'm good at shampooing- That is the main duty of a hair dresser, right?
5)I should turn myself in to the FBI because apparently I'm a Russian Spy- Pretty cool job, huh?
6) I should go to the doctor because I'm crazy- I already knew that, but I didn't realize my type of crazy was treatable.

So those are just a few of the tidbits of advice I have received. Other than getting a new razor I haven't acted on any of them, but they do make me laugh. I mostly enjoy these pieces of advice because I love the old folks I get to help take care of and because they appreciate my amazing dance moves.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Expectations vs. Reality

A few months ago I had the opportunity to see a movie entitled "500 Days of Summer." Basically it is a boy meets girl story with a twist. At one point in the movie it shows the main guy character going to a party. It compares his expectations to reality. His expectations are way off and in the end he is disappointed.
I was thinking the other day about how often that happens to me. Either I'm disappointed or pleasantly surprised because my expectations are wrong. I have this funny idea that if I try to imagine how an event will turn out (usually in a way that everything would fall into place) it never happens that way. So I try not to daydream which inevitably causes me to daydream more. :)
unfortunately this week I had one of those moments. My trip that I was blogging about in earlier posts has been cancelled. This is due to a few people dropping out so we no longer had the funding to support the trip. It is very heartbreaking because I had all these silly day dreams of being in Mexico for two weeks. Spending time with the people there, learning how to serve people who I probably couldn't even communicate with and just being with some friends I hadn't seen in a while. I was really frustrated with the people who didn't stay committed to the trip. I was even frustrated with my Dad because he kept saying how it was a good thing because of all the turmoil in Mexico. It was one of those moments that I just didn't want to hear common sense, I'd rather just sulk in pity.
Why is it that our expectations are almost always off whether good or bad? The only thing I can come up with right now is either to keep us on our toes and surprised by life or to keep us humble. To help us realize that somehow our expectations aren't the right size for that specific moment. Maybe I lost this experience because I need to consult more with my Heavenly Father about what he really wants me to do and where he wants me to go. Or maybe it was just kind of a kick in the pants to help me realize that I am interested in humanitarian work and that since this one didn't work out it will just motivate me to work that much harder for other opportunities that come my way. Also I guess it is possible my Dad is right about it being too dangerous. I don't know I guess time will just tell. What I do know, though, is that sulking never got anyone anywhere so I thought I'd blog about it instead. :)